Kunst: Having cheating fantasies

geschreven door 1 maart 2022
kunst cheating fantasies

‘Spicy and feminine art’, dat is wat kunstenaar LILO maakt. Zij laat zich inspireren door filosofie, psychologie, en emotionele en erotische intelligentie. Haar werk zal regelmatig te bewonderen zijn op Bedmanieren.nl. In deze reeks plaatsen we steeds één van haar gedichten en kunstwerken.

Having cheating fantasies
Doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t like your partner
It is very common and human to have these thoughts
We all have that part in our brain,
the forbidden, that what we can’t have
has more room for fantasy, about how it would be
unpredictable & dangerous feelings
can at the same time be very exciting

Instead of being afraid or ashamed
trying to push your thoughts away
and denying that part of yourself
You can actually use it to spice up your love life

we have to work with our dual needs of Security and adventure
it takes creativity, sex-esteem and honest conversations
to Sustain desire in our relations
Be open minded and non-judgmental to erotic preferences, desires
Give yourself permission to think the most erotic thoughts
Entertain the sexiest ideas for yourself
And communicate how you want to be loved

be creative with your partner
Go on a date and pretend that You don’t know each other
Play the role of a mysterious new lover
so you can cheat with each other

explore the variety of erotic fantasy
And deepen your relationship

Sex is fundamentally selfish
To connect through mutual selfishness
May well be the root source for erotic blessings

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