Kunst: Unconscious mechanism

geschreven door 21 februari 2023
unconscious mechanism

‘Spicy and feminine art’, dat is wat kunstenaar LILO maakt. Zij laat zich inspireren door filosofie, psychologie, en emotionele en erotische intelligentie. Haar werk zal regelmatig te bewonderen zijn op Bedmanieren.nl. In deze reeks plaatsen we steeds één van haar gedichten en kunstwerken.

unconscious mechanism

We find ourselves repeating the same painful patterns  
over and over again. many of us don’t even know, 
your personality is fluid rather than static 
It can actually change and grow. 

Stuck in this is who you are, 
this is the way I am, “I am insecure”, “i am not sexual”, 
that we have this personality, that it will never change and always be, 
Makes us hopeless victims and limits possibilities of growth

From this false sense of ourselves, 
we sabotage our life and our intimacy 
with old dysfunctional habits.
most of us are in relationships. Where we expect our partner to take care 
of the very vulnerable hurt parts in us, to fill up our cup 
the deeply seated wounds, that we carry inside 
which leads to dependency or isolation.

Often behind a relationship conflict 
there is an actual social cause of not being heard. 
Or not being important enough
the wounds of shame, fears of separation 
or abandonment are the source 
of all our conflicts and difficulties in relationships.

every human being has some kind of childhood trauma, 
your growth is for you to find out, 
what your unconscious mechanism are about .
that means knowing your history, understanding your past relationships

It is time that we take responsibility, for the quality of our own lives 
No matter how difficult your past experiences have been 
I can do this for myself and fix me, is a very different thing, 
then to expect a partner or lover to deal with me that way

you always have the choice, what you do with it.
Staying a victim or facing your pain and turn it into power, by giving your pain a function 

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