Kunst: Sex is our playground

geschreven door 27 juni 2023
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Spicy and feminine art‘, dat is wat kunstenaar LILO maakt. Zij laat zich inspireren door filosofie, psychologie en emotionele en erotische intelligentie. Haar werk zal regelmatig te bewonderen zijn op Bedmanieren.nl. In deze reeks plaatsen we steeds één van haar gedichten en kunstwerken.

Sex is our playground where we go to play

“No more pretending I’m asleep, I don’t want to fake it again
I feel lonely, depressed, disconnected, unattractive  
the Taste of truth is I don’t feel like having any sex  
I never learned how to enjoy it for myself
I always had sex, to please someone else
I never experienced sex as pleasant, 
I always fake orgasm, never had an orgasm together”

We perform sex the way we feel we’re supposed to perform
according to what we’ve heard or seen in porn
we never learned how to listen to our body; 
the main reason for sexual dysfunction

every part of yourself that you suppress or deny
will cause chaos and disconnection inside
and numbs the feeling to pleasure
Forcing is a great way to not make it happen 
Putting pleasure at the center
Take away dynamics of initiating, 
focus on ‘Do I like the sensations’

“I can orgasm with myself while I masturbate
I just hope that one day I’ll be able 
to experience Orgasm together”

Supposed to perform a subscribed choreography
Start from being quiet and calm, check in with your body 
to feel what it is you really want

so if you suddenly feel insecure or out of pleasure,
share your insecurities with your partner,
take some time to breath and fully feel your body 
and go back to follow the pleasurable

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